Getting around by bus and tram with the TAO network

42 bus lines, 2 tram lines :

You can park your vehicle in one of the 6 tram park-and-ride locations with surveillance. Located close to a tram station, you can head straight to the city centre from there.

Line A from Fleury les Aubrais to Orléans La Source: Libération and Zénith park-and-ride locations.

Line B from Saint-Jean de Braye to La Chapelle St Mesmin: Clos du Hameau, Rol Tanguy and Pompidou park-and-ride locations.

There are also 4 bus park-and-ride locations. These do not have surveillance but parking is free: Pierre Heuslin and Gaston Galloux to Saint-Jean le Blanc, Parc Floral and La Jonchère to Saint-Cyr en Val.

The city centre has special zones for pedestrians only

Bourgogne, Halles-Châtelet and Charpenterie neighbourhoods, alongside place du Martroi, rue de La République and rue des Carmes, are all pedestrianised zones with controlled vehicle access.
Public areas in the city centre have also been redeveloped to make them pleasant and bustling places for pedestrians. Warm lighting at night also enhances the historical centre of Orléans.
Traffic and parking is prohibited in the city’s pedestrian zones, except for certain special cases : Access to pedestrian zones

Getting about by bike

If you want to use a soft mode of transport that doesn’t pollute, how about a greener option for travelling to work or home?

With Vélo+ you can try cycling, a cheaper, more practical and eco-friendly way to get around. And as everyone knows, its a healthy option for mind and body!

• 350 bikes and 35 docking stations, Vélo+ is available 24 hrs./day, 7 days/week,
• 175 e-bikes with free battery rental,
• bikes available for long-term rental,
• cargo bike rental, etc.

Cycling can also be a great alternative for finishing your journey by public transport.

Lots of options are available at

Bike workshops initiative

To promote soft mobility and particularly cycling, Orléans Métropole continues to roll out its bike workshops initiative, in partnership with the 1-Terre-Actions association and municipalities of Orléans Métropole.

The bike workshops initiative has been expanded to enable all riders to carry out minor repairs and maintenance work for free. Orléans Métropole is thus looking to support cyclists across its municipalities.

The monthly programme is published at the start of each month.

Le point accueil stationnement

Adresse : 27 rue Charles Sanglier, 45000 ORLÉANS

Téléphone :

Horaires d’ouverture :
Lundi : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Mardi : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Mercredi : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Jeudi : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Vendredi : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Samedi : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
(hors jours fériés)
Dimanche : fermé

Parking information point

Address : 27 rue Charles Sanglier, 45000 ORLÉANS

Phone :

Opening times :
Monday : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Tuesday : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Wednesday : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Thursday : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Friday : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
Saturday : 8 h 30 – 18 h 30
(except public holidays)
Sunday : close

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