This charter (hereinafter the “Charter”) describes the way in which ORLÉANS GESTION, 45 Ter, rue des Montées – 45074 ORLÉANS CEDEX, FRANCE (hereinafter the “Publisher”) processes your personal data via the website (hereinafter the “Website”), as the entity responsible for processing the data. This processing of data is done in accordance with and in respect of its users’ right to privacy and protection of their personal data.

This Charter is intended to inform you about the conditions used by the Publisher to obtain, utilise and store your personal data (hereinafter the “Data”). The Data we may collect, process and/or transfer when you access and/or use the Website are described below.

This Charter may be updated to incorporate changes in the law and data processed. If any clause in this Charter is declared invalid or inconsistent with the regulations, it will be deemed unwritten but will not invalidate the other clauses in this Charter.

The Charter applies solely to Data collected via the Website.

The Charter shall not apply to information collected by third parties (websites, advertising, etc.) that send the user to the Website. By browsing our Website, you accept the application of this Charter without reserve. You are responsible for ensuring the conformity of the Data you provide via the Website. You can correct or modify it at any time in writing/by email.


Depending on your use of the Website, the Publisher may collect the following Data:

  • Your email address for all electronic communications with the Publisher;
  • Your identity, in order to get back in contact with you: First and last names, company, address, postcode, town/city and email address;
  • Your identity, in order for you to access our services online (Orléans Pedestrian Zone Access): First and last names, address, postcode, town/city, phone number, email address and supporting documents (vehicle registration document, ID document, etc., depending on the request);
  • Website usage and browser data: IP address, browser used, search history, pages viewed, etc..


Some Data are collected directly when you complete contact forms or sign up to our services online. In such cases, you will be asked to give your consent beforehand, which you may withdraw at any time for services that are optional and have no subscription.

Other Data may be collected indirectly when using third-party services, for statistical monitoring or social media, for example, in the form of Cookies/Trackers. You can learn about our Cookies policy at any time in our Legal Notice. You are asked to give your consent to the use of cookies when you first connect, but you can modify your options at any time via the “Cookies” link at the bottom of the page.


As a user of the Website, your Data may be collected (subject to your consent):

  • To enable you to contact us via our contact form;
  • To enable us to get back in contact with you following your request;
  • To enable you to access and use our services online (Orléans Pedestrian Zone Access).

Cookies/Trackers collect data to:

  • Analyse and monitor traffic on the Website for statistical purposes in order to improve the Website and monitor its performance. They are optional.

Refusing to provide all or part of the information requested in some forms may make it impossible for you to use the services available.


Your personal Data are processed exclusively by the Publisher’s staff to manage your services.

Some data may be shared with subcontractors (data host, see section on “Storage of data collected”) or service providers (Google, for statistical monitoring). All such parties honour their commitment to privacy in how they use and process personal data.

All subcontractors, service providers, partners and other third parties mentioned above are contractually bound to respect the privacy and protection of Data and to process them solely for the purposes for which we send them to these third parties.

Your Data may not be shared with any buyer or successor of our company, in the event of its merger, transfer, restructuring, reorganisation, dissolution or other sale or divestment of all or part of the Publisher’s assets due to uncertainty or bankruptcy, liquidation or other process in which the Data of users of the Website form part of the assets transferred.

We may also disclose your Data:

  • To comply with any mandate required under the current legislation, including government or regulatory requests.
  • If we consider disclosure to be necessary or required by the protection of the rights, property or safety of the Publisher, its customers and other stakeholders.

Such potential disclosure includes sharing information with other companies and organisations to protect against fraud and counterfeiting.

External links to third-party websites managed by individuals or organisations over which the Publisher has no control may be present on the Website. We accept no responsibility for the manner in which your Data are used on third-party servers.


The Publisher retains your Data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes described. This retention period varies in accordance with the Data and type of Data. The purpose pursued may cause this retention period to vary. Certain legal obligations require a specific retention period.

Your Data may be retained for up to 12 months if you contact us via our contact form.

Your Data will be retained for the duration of the service, from the time you register online (Orléans Pedestrian Zone Access). You can request to have your Data deleted at any time (from your “Account” area on the Website). Your Data will be deleted within one month from the time you make the request (provided that your subscriptions have ended).

The Data collected via cookies or trackers will be retained for up to one month.

All other Data will be retained for up to five years.

Beyond the abovementioned retention periods, your Data will be deleted, or anonymised and retained for statistical purposes only.


Only the Data associated with user accounts are stored online: First and last names, address, postcode, town/city, phone number and email address.

Other Data you provide are not stored online but are sent directly to our own servers or servers provided by Orléans Métropole. These Data cannot be accessed on the Internet.

TLS encryption on the HTTPS protocol protects the data collected. Every technical and organisational measure has been taken to protect the security and privacy of your Data from any accidental loss and from all unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure.

However, it is impossible to ensure complete security in the exchange of information on the Internet. We are unable to guarantee the absolute security of information sent to the Website. You send your Data at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any failure to respect the privacy settings or security measures in place on the Website. You acknowledge that the security of your information is also your responsibility, by securing and keeping your password private.

The Publisher will never ask you for your passwords.


You can express your consent to or refusal of the collection and use of the Data you send us:

  • The Website can be used without the use of cookies/trackers. In this case, some parts of the Website may not function correctly or may not be fully available;
  • You can refuse to have your contact details collected when you enter your information. In this case, it will be impossible to contact us via this channel and to use our services online.

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations on personal data protection, in particular EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of Data (the “GDPR”) and French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on data processing and individual liberties and its amendments, you are entitled to access and rectify your Data.

Furthermore, subject to the conditions provided in said regulations on exercising these rights, you have:

  • The right to erase your Data (except for accounting data, which must be kept for 10 years under French law – Article L123-22 of the French commercial code);
  • The right to restrict the processing your Data;
  • The right to object to the processing of your Data on legitimate grounds, in accordance with Article 21 of the GDPR;
  • The right of portability of the Data you have provided (for automated processing based on consent or performance of a contract);
  • The right to withdraw your consent after it has been requested. When your Data is processed on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time, provided that these data are not being used for a subscription that remains in effect.

The Publisher may ask you to provide proof of your identity prior to any modification or deletion of your personal data. You can exercise these rights by sending an email in French to or by post to the Publisher’s address. We have one month to respond to any request made by you to exercise your rights. This timeframe may be extended to two months due to the complexity or high number of requests.


The Data collected by the Publisher under this Charter are hosted exclusively in France:

  • By the Publisher on its own servers;
  • By Orléans Métropole on its own servers, under contract with the Publisher;
  • By Atmédia Communication: 69 rue du Colombier, 45000 Orléans – Siret: 398453407 00031- VAT: FR36398453407.

Certain data are also stored on the Publisher’s internal servers and are not accessible on the Internet.

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